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Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Most foreclosures happen for one tragic reason.

Watch this video, & learn how to protect yourself from it!

A Home That’s Yours, Forever!

Tens of thousands of homes are foreclosed, yearly, due to accidents & tragedies. At Plentii, we can guarantee that you are "safe & secure" in your own home no matter what life throws at you.

Tragedy Can Strike

More than 50% of home foreclosures, tragically, happen due to a simple reason.

Homeowners Injured

As a result, they can’t earn a paycheck, & this causes serious problems if they’re not protected by a mortgage home protection program.

Financial Goals

The sadness of a death or injury can be very hard on your family. Being short a monthly paycheck will be very hard on your bank account, too.

It’s Not A Good Time, But It’s Not Hopeless Either.

With our super simple home mortgage protection plan, you’ll give yourself a 100% bulletproof safeguard, to ensure that no matter what your mortgage payments are made.

Accidents Happen

With more than 40 million Americans classified as ‘disabled’, it’s never reasonable to think of yourself as ‘immune’ to misfortunes. Bad things happen, all the time, to people of all backgrounds. Serious illnesses can keep you out of work.

Bills Stack Up

With credit card debt at record highs, & savings at record lows. Most Americans are just not equipped to handle a monetary dry spell. Missing even just 1 paycheck in a home with multiple earners can cause serious financial burdens.

Banks Don’t Care

Banks just don’t care about you. Even something as horrible as the loss of your spouse won’t faze them, as soon as you miss the minimum number of payments, they’ll start the process of foreclosing & if necessary, eviction. Just like they do to more than hundreds of homeowners every day. They don’t care about your financial stress or family’s happiness.

More Stress in Your Life

The financial pressure of not getting that paycheck, combined with the emotional pressure of the tragedy that caused all this. It’s a bad thing to live through. Even as you cope with bereavement, injury, & eviction. You’ll have to go through the stressful experience of moving your family to a new residence; a new neighborhood; a new school district; a new life.

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The Plentii Way:
Mortgage Benefits.

Our mortgage payment protection plan is a safeguard against tragedy.

If injury or illness result in loss of income. You will be entitled to tax free mortgage payments. And if there is a loss that causes lack of income your mortgage will be completely paid off.

Because, when families are hit by tragedy, they deserve the comfort of their own home without some faceless mega bank kicking them out.

Insurance Against Injury & Illness:

Receive payments that help coverage the cost of mortgage. Stay in your home, & use this financial support to get through this hard time in your life.

Insurance Against Death:

Receive immediate, complete payoff of your mortgage. Let your family be truly free, independent, safe, & secure. In your own home.

Tax Free:

Rest assured that all payments will be for you, & you alone. This is your money, & it’s purely there for you to secure a happy home for your family in stressful times, on your own terms.

Stability in Your Home:

Keep your family together in the home you know & love. Don’t stress over shifting to a new environment; you’ll be totally secure, protected from foreclosure & eviction.

Peace of Mind You:

Rest assured that you & your beloved family will be kept safe & secure in your home, with full coverage of your mortgage.

A Brighter Future

Enjoy a retirement of riskless income, keeping you free to live your golden years on your own terms.

Home Mortgage Protection Plans!

The reliability comes from the fact that these types of accounts are totally protected by IRS law which insures you against the worst.

How Is This Possible?

Here’s the trick, while they can grow with interest based on the performance of the stock market they are not direct investments, and aren’t subjected to the same fees, taxes, & regulations as other traditional life insurance plans.

This gives you a safe, long-term mortgage protection plan that ensures you get adequat emortgage coverage, no matter what happens to you or your earning partner.

How Do I
Get Started?

It’s time to take control of your family’s safety even if the worst happens, you deserve to feel safe at home.

Get in touch today, & one of our many Plentii agents will give you a free quote & consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

They are tax free not ‘deterred’. This is according to IRS law.

No. The payments are basically like a gift; no strings attached. Our agents can tell you more about how this is possible!

Our friendly financial team will be happy to tell you everything you need to know about our customized rates, & how we determine them! Call us now, & let’s get you set up with a Mortgage payment protection insurance quote.

This is an insurance plan that ensures that homeowners don’t get foreclosed if they can’t meet their mortgage payments. We focus, in particular, on preventing tragedies (such as illness or fatalities) from causing financial pressure. If you’re seriously injured, sick, or killed, & can’t earn a paycheck, we step in to get you covered for your mortgage payments, so you can stay safely in your home.